Audible Affiliate Agreement

This Audible Affiliate Agreement is made by and agreed to between Audible, Inc., located at 1 Washington Park, Newark, NJ 07102, USA (", Audible, Advertiser"), and affiliate ("You").

For purposes of clarity, the definition of “affiliate” throughout this agreement refers to a person who owns or operates a website, podcast or blog that will be promoting  Performance Bridge Media is referred to as “agency” within this agreement and represents the technology software that you use in order to login and view your performance reports, edit account data and create custom URLs.

Podcast Policy:

  • Follow communication standards outlined in your Podcast Welcome Kit
  • Pre-show or post-show mention of as the show’s sponsor (not pre-recorded)
    • Podcasts are  not obligated to advertise Audible on every show
  • Podcast advertisements will be monitored for quality control

Website Policy:  

  •  Domains: You may not use the word “audible” or any associated misspellings in your domain name. However, you may use it as an extension, e.g. (

Incentivized Traffic:

  • prohibits our affiliates from engaging in Incentivized traffic. Incentivized traffic is not allowed in any way and will not be paid on. If you have any questions regarding our affiliate agreement, please contact us at


Paid Search Policy:

  • prohibits our affiliates from bidding on trademarked terms or any phrases including the trademark (audible,, audible promotions etc.) or those containing misspellings in Google, Yahoo, MSN & any other search engine. We welcome affiliates to bid on generic keywords. If you have any questions regarding our affiliate agreement, please contact us at
  • does not allow direct linking.


Email Policy:

  • Promotion of via email, newsletters & press releases is prohibited without expressed written consent from Audible.  If you wish to engage in these types of promotions, please contact us at

Payment Policy:                                      

  • All payments will be based on new trial membership referred.                  
  • Agency, Advertiser and Affiliate reserve the right to cancel a program and cease activity within 48 hours.
  • Affiliates will be paid Net 45 EOM by check or PayPal as long as the $30.00 threshold has been met for that month.  Any commissions that do not meet the $30.00 threshold will be carried over to the following month.
  • Commission check will be mailed to contact/company registered within your account.  To setup PayPal, please contact

If you have any questions regarding our affiliate agreement, please contact us at